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Why is Online Reputation Management needed?

Online Reputation Management Services play a critical role in the success of a brand, be it big or small. Regardless of your brand’s size, it is unreasonable to expect that an individual or team could foresee the far reaches of reviews, social media, and brand references without enlisting a digital defense.

Our team of experts will create a positive brand image for your business on the internet. With our expertise, we will have major news outlets mention your business with a positive image to increase brand trust for your potential customers & partners.

How Does Online Reputation Management Help You Generate More Revenue?

93% of users, before purchasing a service or product, search for the business on Google. You will lose the client if you do not have any online presence or negative presence. 

Our clients have seen excellent growth since we managed their online reputation. An increase in positive reviews from well-known outlets will create a positive image and trust for your brand resulting in more leads and conversions.

Effective online reputation management services deliver excellent results. Now, if the Times of India were to say a few good words about your business, it would already build trust for your business and, doing so, generate more customers & partners.

What our clients say

My Facebook page was very small and I needed to get it verified. Mr. Sohel helped me with the press coverage and verification process.

Marco Byrd Musician

Despite getting good number of views on my spotify and sound cloud, I was not verified there. CWM helped me verify my Sound Cloud, Spotify and Facebook. And it took less than 2 months to get it done.

Luigi Piovano Musician

Despite being in the industry for over 8 years our Facebook page was not verified. Once we got in touch with Code Web Media, they helped us verify our social media page within 4 months. They were very transparent and helpful with the process.

Jennifer Cabuenas Davies Paints Philippines

Brands we have worked with​

Who Needs Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management services are a must for the following:

– Corporates & Brands

– Real Estate Builders

– Hotel & Restaurants

– Jewellery & Clothing Shops

– Hospitals & Clinics

– Celebrities & Individuals 

A high online reputation index means you are exceeding guests’ expectations, which, if managed effectively, will enable you to increase average daily rates (ADR).

How Code Web Media Helps Businesses With Online Reputation Management?

We enable clients to overcome negative reputations and create a positive image for their products, services, and brands. Well-crafted ORM strategies that encompass the following:

– Influencing SERP results to deal with negative posts

– Promoting the brand image for a positive impact

– Enhancing interactions with the customers

– Monitoring the online reputation consistently

– Defending against slights and misgivings from potential competitors

– Supress or remove negative reviews

– Create a a positive buzz among top news outlets for your business

Code Web Media Is The Best Online Reputation Management Agency In India.

We are the best ORM agency in India. Our experienced professionals will help you with Online Reputation Management to create a buzz on the internet which is in your favor.

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1. What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a continuous service that is needed to maintain, cultivate and create your brand name. ORM in non-technical words is creating a positive public image for your brand, which paints the company in a good professional light. If ORM is not managed properly your customers & partners will not be able to find the 5-star reviews on the search page.

2. How long does Reputation repair take?

The first thing that you can ask yourself or the Online Reputation Management (ORM) company is whether they can fix your online reputation or not. The answer is yes, it can be fixed. However, there is no specific time on how long it takes to repair your online reputation. It depends on how many negative reviews there are and how many people have made a post against your business in a negative manner. According to Google, the indexed sites might take 2 to 6 weeks. But, still, there are minimal chances that your site will reach the first page in a shoot.

3. Can you remove negative reviews?

Yes and no. Removing negative reviews depends on many factors, in most cases, we are able to remove negative reviews, and if the reviews are genuine and not removable, we can work on suppressing them so your customer only sees positive reviews. 

4. How much does online reputation management costs?

Beware if an online reputation repair management company charges too little. A low-end management campaign might penalize your business. Hire a legitimate company so that they do not fool you. Online Reputation Management services cost around 40,000 to 1.5 lakh rupees or might level up considering the number of negative reviews that have been attached to your business. Code Web Media will offer you a monthly or yearly package for your business.

5. Can I fix a damaged online reputation?

If your brand has received an attack from your competitors, it will take time to repair it, but we can guarantee that your business reputation will be restored to a level much higher than before. As said well, “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and just five minutes to break it into parts.” This is why you have online reputation management agencies like Code Web Media that enforce the repairing of reputation. 

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