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What is Local SEO?

Say hello to Local SEO that will change your business growth!

Easily explaining Local SEO in a non-technical language is, “Your shop could be the biggest on Main Street, but if you don’t show up or rank in local searches online, nearby businesses could be taking your significant amount of customers and sales.”

With a rise in trending local searches in Google Search & Google Maps. A good SEO agency can help position your brand as a source of authentic information in your own and neighboring cities. A well structured snippet will grow your business exponentially, and we know exactly how to do that..

What our clients say

CodeWebMedia is a great company that solves all your SEO, web, and design needs. They give the best service and are willing to work with you to make sure everything goes smoothly for your company. I really appreciated their personal approach as it was tailored to my brand and product. I would definitely recommend CodeWebMedia as the best solution for any of your digital needs!

Joydeep Ghosh Leela Hotels

Code Web Media has actively helped us take down copies of our mangas which were actively distributed on pirated websites. They removed the content from Google, Bing, Social Media, as well as pirated websites.

Daniel Delano Antarctic Press

My experience with CWM has been amazing. Not only they delivered an outstanding audit of social media performance, they also came up with new ideas that benefited my company and increase its online presence. Go for it!

Laxmi Vidyapeeth Laxmi Housing

Brands we have worked with

How Do Local SEO Services Help Your Company Generate More Revenue?

The first local business result will get 10x more click compared to the 10th result on the same page, and getting your business listed there is tough.

Your site will not rank higher in the search engine, it needs to meet certain standards to be relevant to the customers in your business line. A Good SEO company is absolutely essential to get your company listed on top of Google’s first page.

Once we increase the ranking of your business with our services, more customers will start coming and as an end result, it will generate more revenue for your company. A good SEO company is much needed for businesses in India.

Who Benefits Most From Local SEO Services?

The biggest beneficiaries of Local SEO services are businesses like Hotels, restaurants, visa agency, travel agencies, local franchises, museums, libraries, clothing shops, and jewelry shops. Local grocery stores, beauty parlous, etc.

If you are running a hotel or restaurant in a residential area, your customers will be the people living around your neighborhood. A perfect local SEO package is implemented in a way that the people living near you hear about your business and come to you to satisfy their needs.

96% of buyers conduct local searches, and 58% of all Google searches are local. 64% of local customers use search engines and directories as their primary way to find local businesses. A whopping 91% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase. 88% of Local Consumers Trust Online Business Reviews on Google Maps.

How Does Code Web Media Generate More Leads With Our Local SEO Services?

CodeWebMedia is one of the leading agencies in SEO services in India. We are experienced and have in-depth knowledge that caters to your Local SEO needs. Your targeted and potential customers have a higher probability to find your business, and this is how we do it. This is how we do it:

– Our dedicated local seo team will ensure your company is updated with everchanging top SEO strategies & needs. We will only use the most effective seo tactics, so your business gets innumerable visits!

– Our team will analyze and work on ranking your business for the related keywords to your business that will boost the overall footfalls at your business, leading to more sales.

– Our dedicated local SEO team always monitors & evaluates progress of your business. With our expertise in the field, we are here to ensure that your business always brings more customers in this everchanging search engine environment.

– Our team will make sure your Google Map listing is fully SEO Optimized. We will suppress or remove negative reviews for your business and help you rank on your competitor’s business keywords with our expertise.

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1. What is Organic Traffic & How will it help me?

Simply put, organic traffic is people who arrive to your shop from non-paid sources from Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Organic traffic will help you by bringing people to your business without running advertisements. We know how to do that!

2. Will Local SEO help me get more customers?

Local SEO will absolutely help you get more customers.

3. How can I check the ranking of my business on google?

It is very easy to check your ranking, all you have to do is go to Google and search your business name. You might or might not rank on Top.

Google’s ranking algorithm is updated on a regular basis, the google’s site ranking of your business or webpages will fluctuate frequently – from day to day and week to week. Within a day, ranking of websites fluctuates and often only a position or two (up or down), but over the course of a month, your Google ranks for a single keyword might change dramatically. Localisation and customisation will affect your business ranking on Google, in addition to algorithmic changes.

4. Who has the best Local SEO Services in India?

We do! We have worked with brands like PVR, Sony, and many more. Our team of experts will strategize for your business, so your ranking improves dramatically for local search results.

5. Can I rank no.1 for my business in my city?

Yes, you can. Although this is no easy task. It is 6 to 12 months long process but we can make it happen! We will carefully prepare a plan just for your business and execute it in a way for you to beat your competitors and rank on top! 

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