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Stop sharing your revenue with pirates.

Why choose our DMCA Protection?

We have access to private forums, discords, torrent websites, private trackers, locked content behind file hosts, and p2p traffic. What truly sets us apart from the DMCA takedown notice competition is that we monitor the traffic of torrents and report infringes to their ISP, and collect lost revenue from your sales.

  • Experience
    You’ll receive 8+ years of experience when signing up for our DMCA takedown services.
  • Efficient
    Our anti-piracy services have a 100% Google, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube removal rate.
  • Flexible
    No matter the size of your brand or the content you offer – we’ll find a solution to your problem.

What our clients say

Code Web Media took down pirated movies owned by Ecosse Films from a numnber of pirated websites & search engines. Great to work with the company, and very transparent with the reports as well.

Graham Moore Ecosse Films

Code Web Media has actively helped us take down copies of our mangas which were actively distributed on pirated websites. They removed the content from Google, Bing, Social Media, as well as pirated websites.

Daniel Delano Antarctic Press

My experience with CWM has been amazing. Not only they delivered an outstanding audit of social media performance, they also came up with new ideas that benefited my company and increase its online presence. Go for it!

Laxmi Vidyapeeth Laxmi Housing

Brands we have worked with.​

Code Web Media Anti-Piracy Solutions

24/7 anti-piracy monitoring

We constantly monitor the internet with our advanced AI algorithms to ensure we always find all versions and the latest copyright infringements of our clients in order to take immediate action.

Guaranteed results

Guaranteed results Our DMCA takedown service removes your content from warez forums, piracy websites, file hosts, and torrents. As well as any mentions on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of the pirated content infringing your copyrights.

Weekly Reports

Detailed report ensures transparency of all our takedowns. You will be able to know exactly where your content is being pirated, and its DMCA take down status.

DMCA takedown service by sector

Code Web Media DMCA takedown services can help out a wide variety of digital content.

  • Movies, TV Series & OTT Platform Piracy
    The main issue concerning the film industry is the illegal streaming and sharing of their content. By sending out a DMCA takedown request, we’ve been able to protect the income stream of hundreds of production companies and OTT platforms.
  • E-learning, Tutorials & Course Piracy
    E-learning has seen a dramatic rise within the last couple of years due the pandemic. More people are educating themselves through platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning. CWM DMCA protection takes care of all the illegally shared content.
  • Magazines, e-books & Publishing Piracy
    Magazines, e-books and other published textual works are popular amongst digital pirates. Our automated monitoring engine combined with our trained analysts and DMCA takedowns can help your organization take down illegal copies, so you can stop losing revenue.
  • Influencers & Models Content Piracy
    The rise of social media platforms has made it easier for content creators to create content on their own. Sadly, this type of content is being shared illegally more often than not. We can help you take down illegally shared videos, images, and downloads.

Code Web Media offers excellent Anti-Piracy Solutionswith 100% refund if not satisfied. Let’s Talk.

1. What is DMCA violation?

DMCA violation occurs when someone is using your copyright material without permission. While copyrights ensure you legally own your brand’s unique product designs and content, these licenses don’t actively protect your content from being stolen. When you find your copyrights being infringed upon, using a DMCA takedown service as fast as possible is essential to protect your brand.

2. What’s a DMCA takedown?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A DMCA notice, also known as DMCA request or DMCA takedown notice, informs an individual, website owner, or internet service provider that they are hosting or linking to content that infringes on someone else’s copyright. 

The party that ends up receiving the DMCA notice is required to take down the entire website or the infringed content as soon as possible. 

The DMCA covers all kinds of copyrighted content that can be infringed on the internet, which can include:

  • Written content
  • Audio files like music 
  • Videos 
  • Pictures posted on websites or social media pages 
  • Software 
  • Artwork

You can either send DMCA notices on your own or use a DMCA takedown service like Code Web Media to automate the entire process.

3. How long does it take for DMCA to work?

Within 24 hours we will have conducted a manual review of your content to see the DMCA in action. You should start seeing immediate results within the first 48 hours, as DMCA takedown requests will have been sent on your behalf.

4. Is there a refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund 100% amount. This is valid if within this time frame fewer than 10 takedown requests were being sent.

5. Can you take down live-streams?

Yes, we are one of the industry’s first companies to be able to take down live-streams. This is useful for concerts, live events, live shows, cricket, and other sports.

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