PVR Cinema x Lupin III Case Study

With Code Web Media’s influencer marketing, we helped Lupin 3, an anime film, become well-known in the Indian anime market, reaching over 700,000 anime fans.


Infuencer marketing is not an easy task, however, with our inventory of 561 influencers. Our team take great pride in work we do and results are visible.

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Code Web Media’s OtakuKart was behind the Indian Anime Movement which brought the first-ever anime film to Indian Cinemas, Weathering With You was released in India on Oct 11, 2019, because of the Anime Movement CWM’s team started in July 2019. 

Since then many well-known anime movies have been released in Indian Cinemas via PVR, Lupin 3, was the third anime film released in India, after the release of Weathering With You. The problem the PVR team was facing is that Lupin anime series wasn’t a well-known anime and getting people to watch it in the cinemas would not be easy. 

Our content team carefully crafted video shorts & promotional photos for Instagram users. We shared the content with Indian anime fans via our team of Indian anime influencers, combining over 1.3m followers on Instagram.

Client: PVR
Project: Lupin 3 Anime Film

PVR Cinemas is an Indian movie theater chain in India with its headquarters located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Lupin III: The First Project Poster

We are happy to share the data that the combined reach of Lupin III: The First was a total of 729,102 Indian anime fans. The movie received a way better response in India than initially expected. Code Web Media’s brand OtakuKart, which has over 8m monthly readers, also shared a free promotional article for Lupin III: the First, receiving over 37,619 unique readers.

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