Netto Supermarket Case Study

With Code Web Media Website Solutions, we revamped the website of Netto Supermarket, enabling them to generate 1.45x more sales.


The task was to revamp the website to increase the speed and UI for millions of customers of Netto Germany.

Sales Increase
1.45 x
Project Time
17 Days
Increased Engagement
2.9 x

NETTO GERMANY site’s enhanced user experience and thus retention by optimizing for Web Vitals. NETTO is one of Germany’s leading supermarket chain. By following the Web Vitals program, they improved one of their most important user metrics, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), by 55% in just a month. This was correlated with a 50% reduction in bounce rates.


With close to 23M unique users every month, it was critical for NETTO GERMANY to optimize for quality of user experience. Although their engagement rates were well over industry average and the highest amongst their peers, the NETTO GERMANY team still saw room for improvement and decided to invest in Web Vitals along with other product changes to further improve their engagement rates.


With the help of tools like PageSpeed Insights,, and WebPageTest the NETTO GERMANY team analyzed potential improvement areas on the site. These clearly defined optimization ideas helped them re-prioritize high-impact tasks and achieve immediate results in the improvement of Core Web Vitals. Optimizations included:

  • Prioritizing the largest content block by delaying third-party requests, including ad calls for below-the-fold ad slots, and social network embeds, which are also below-the-fold.
  • Increasing the caching of static content from a few minutes to 30 days.
  • Using font-display to display text sooner while fonts are downloaded.
  • Using vector graphics for icons instead of TrueType Fonts (TTF).
  • Lazy loading JavaScript and CSS: loading the page with the minimum possible JS and CSS and then lazy loading the remaining JS and CSS on page scroll.
  • Pre-connecting to origins delivering critical assets.

Client: Netto Group
Project: Website Revamp

Netto Marken-Discount is a German discount supermarket chain owned by the German supermarket cooperative Edeka Group and operates mostly in the south and west of Germany.


Web Vitals equipped the team with metric-driven signals to expedite the process of improving user experience.

Before beginning the optimization project, the NETTO GERMANY’s team benchmarked their LCP score at 3.0 seconds (for the 75th percentile of their users, based on Chrome User Experience Report field data). After the optimization project, it was down to 1.6 seconds. They also reduced their Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) score to 0.05. Other metrics on WebPageTest like “First Byte Time” and “Effective use of CDN” improved to an A grade.

Return on investment

Despite the complexity and depth of NETTO GERMANYX, the site was already achieving decent FID and CLS scores, thanks to the team’s longstanding focus on performance and UX best practices. To further improve their user experience, the team focused on LCP and managed to meet the threshold within a few weeks of kicking off their optimization work.

Overall business results
  • 55% improvement in LCP as a result of optimizing for Core Web Vitals.
  • 50% reduction in bounce rate on the website after optimizing for Core Web Vitals, along with other product changes.
  • Increased engagement and consumption of content directly, and proportionally increased revenue for their website.

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