Naruto Online MMORPG Case Study

With Code Web Media PR Solutions, we published unique yet natural looking articles on sites like Gamespot and VentureBeat.


The task was simple yet challenging, the brand behind Naruto Online, Oasis Games, was looking to get the word out regarding their new game.

Page Views

Campaign duration: June 1, 2016, To August 12, 2016.

Articles Published

We published 21 unique articles as an indirect promotion.

Gamers Engaged

Naruto Online received 121,019 players during 81 days of the campaign.

Organic Search Increase
0 %

From 8% search volume, we took it to 100%, a 12.5x increase in the search volume in less than 60 days.

Naruto anime & manga is something which every anime fan is aware of, and when it comes to web games, fans are skeptical, our challenge was to get the fans to try the Naruto Online game.

Ms. Chunyi from Oasis Games had told us that they wanted the game to reach users in South East Asian countries as it has a huge fanbase for Naruto. They strictly wanted to target Philippines, India, Indonesia & Singapore.

Oasis Games: Naruto online is an officially licensed game, and we would like to reach the South East Asian players.

Our Approach:

We used our in-house to create 21 articles on Naruto Online MMORPG, the team we used had an indepth knowledge of Naruto anime & manga franchise and it allowed them to create engaging content which would appeal to Naruto fanbase. We sent out the unique articles to our contacts in the media houses and in less than a month, the media houses started publishing the articles we had sent. At the same time we maintained attractive titles on the respective websites to get the user base talking about Naruto Online MMORPG.

Client: Oasis Games
Project: Naruto Online MMORPG

Naruto Online is an MMORPG turn-based browser-game that is set entirely in the NARUTO universe. The game is the very first and only Online NARUTO RPG in the world to be officially licensed from BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT.

News Publication

In less than 60 days, from an 8% search volume on Google Search, we increased the organic search volume to 100%, which is 12.5x more than what it was before. By any means, this was no easy task, but our experience in the news and media industry helped us execute the project swiftly.

Naruto Online search volume. (Source: Google Trends)

By the time our campaign was over, we had reached over 2,184,364 users on the respective websites, and Naruto Online MMORPG had generated a total of 121,019 new players.

It is worth noting that we also worked on promoting Bleach Online MMORPG, which is yet another game by Oasis Games.

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