Draconius Go Case Study

With Code Web Media’s video & PR advertisement solution, we promoted Elyland’s Draconius Go helping it generate 67,000 downloads and an exclusive feature on Forbes Magazine.


Getting the players to view the video and download the Draconius Go game was challenging, as Pokemon Go was already in the market, nonetheless, we used that to our advantage to generate over 67,000 downloads.

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Draconius Go released a year later than Pokemon Go, the developers at Draconius Go approached Code Web Media because of our grand success with Pokemon Go.

Draconius Go is much better than Pokemon Go in terms of gameplay experience, while having all the features of Pokemon Go. While buying our PR & Video Advertisement solution, Elyland gave us a task to reach 50,000 downloads for Draconius Go in two weeks.

Anton Yablonsky from Elyland wanted us to create video advertisement for Draconius Go along with a unique mention on Forbes Magazine. Our team that worked on Pokemon Go created an engaging video that would appeal to the Pokemon Go users, driving downloads to Draconius Go.

Challenge: 50,000 Downloads & Forbes Exclusive Article
Accomplished: 67,045 Downloads & Forbes Exclusive Article

We ran our social media video advertising campaign for 14 days, generating 329,991 views and reaching 1,374,812 total people on Facebook. Our initial download target was 50,000 downloads in two weeks. However, we accomplished 67,045 downloads. Thus delivering 34% more than what was promised.

Client: ElyLand
Project: Draconius Go

Draconius Go is a 2017 augmented reality mobile game similar to Pokemon Go. The game launched with much better features than Pokemon Go. The game was developed by Elyland and published by CASUAL AZUR GAMES for Android & iOS devices.

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